Monday, November 14, 2011

Figments of my Imagination

Last week at church, a woman said to me, "You'll understand when you have real kids."

Hmmm. I guess Minnie and Quiz are figments of my imagination, which got me thinking. Perhaps I should check myself into one of those straight jacket hospitals. Because I've been talking to imaginary people for 4 and a half years!

And it doesn't end there. I do about five loads of imaginary laundry each week. And I have fully decorated rooms in my house dedicated to my pretend children. I even cook for them! And this week I'm baking 4 separate birthday treats for Quiz's birthday. I mean, what must those people think at church, hockey, kindergarten, and the skate rink when I volunteer to bring treats for an imaginary child? And about that skate rink. I booked an entire party and sent out invitations for a kid that only exists in my head.

Man, this problem goes deep. The fact that I even gave these "kids" birthdays says a lot. I will probably be locked up for quite some time to sort this out. Don't get worried if you don't hear from me for awhile. I'm just busy trying to get to the bottom of my delusions.



  1. Dont you just "dislike" people like that!!!!!!!! I mean come on.

  2. My jaw literally dropped when I read that first sentence.

    That's insane.

  3. I don't agree with what the lady say, but I think she means your "own" children. I know sometimes I wonder what it will be like when I have my own children that I get to raise from birth and on. I'm not as fortunate as you to have 50/50 so my kid's teachers spend more time with them than I ever get to. But once I experience the fruit of my own loins, they will be as real as my step kiddos. And no one is going to have labels of "half brother" or "step" or anything indicating a separation.


  4. I was once told that "It's different when their your own." Really? Because their child is adopted.... and in a way, it is kind of the same thing. Right? Just without all the legal papers.

    I have two step children who are adults now and they BOTH have said to me (in person AND in cards that I haved saved!) that I have been more of a mother/parent to them than their 'real' mom.

    Some people are just plain ignorant....even those church going ones! ;-)