Friday, November 18, 2011


To my sweet Quiz who is six on Sunday,

I have known you for 54 of your 72 months. And even though I missed those first 18 months of your life, you are mine. And always will be.

Here are six things I know about you:

1. You are so sweet to animals. Gracie loves to snuggle with you in the mornings, and she doesn't snuggle with just anyone. And Lily gets so excited when she sees you get off the bus everyday. You let her lick your face and always give her a hug when you're going to bed.

2. You like to know exactly what is coming next. You can't relax unless you have a step by step plan.

3. You have so much energy. I really don't know where you get it, and I wish you could share it with me. You're always on the move and just love to play.

4. You LOVE your dad. He's your favorite person in the whole entire world. You look up to him so much and want to do everything he does.

5. You're a good eater, but you don't like potaoes, rice or pasta. And you say batatoes.

6. This mixed up family is all you know. You don't see anything different. You don't know that most kids don't switch houses every other night. Your family is your family, and that's it. I don't have a fancy title. I don't even think you know what stepmom means. So I'm just Christie, but you don't remember a time when I wasn't here. I'm yours, and you're mine. That's just the way it is.

Happy happy birthday, buddy! I love you!

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