Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mrs. H, Part II

I find this article very interesting because I've often wondered the same thing about First Wife. Why does she want to keep V's last name? Sure the kids have that name, but she has a third child with a different name. AND they were only married for 20 months before they separated. A whole 2 and a half years if you're talking in the legal sense.

So I don't get it. Why does she want to keep "our" last name?

Oh well. Guess I'll always be Mrs. H the Second. Or maybe the Third if you count my mother-in-law.

Originality is overrated.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Four Christmases

Santa is coming tonight. Luckily, he's adapted with the times and understands custody arrangements.

So tomorrow, we are cramming all of Christmas into one day. As usual, we are being pulled In a thousand directions as everyone wants to see the kids for Christmas. It is somehow my fault that we haven't figured out a way to clone the kids so they can be in four places at once. So, we are going to give everyone as much time as possible and probably stress ourselves out in the process. Between the hours of 9:30 am and 9 pm, we will be in the car a total of five hours. We will see V's mom, his aunt, and my grandma (with the rest of my family), then have the kids back to their mom by 9pm. Everyone will just need to be happy with what they get, which will probably go something like this: Hi! Hurry, let's open presents! No, you can't actually play with anything. Ok, pack it up. Bye!

I will accept no crabbiness or complaints. This is the only Christmas I get. Come Sunday, V and I will be home alone all day with no kids and no family to see.

So, suck it up buttercup! It's Christmas so deal with it! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Sister

Minnie was born to be a big sister. Here she is with her two little brothers, Quiz and E who is 2.

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I went with First Wife to their doctor appointment because I needed to get the kids to church right after. It's a coordinated effort everyday to get these kids where they need to be.

I really like watching Minnie with her littlest brother. I don't see the two of them interact much, but they are really cute together. He lights up when he sees his sister and says, "Hi, Bubba!" Since Minnie calls him Bubba, that's what he calls her too. :)

I hope I can give her more siblings someday. And I'm pretty sure a sister would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here is a word for word account of a text conversation I had with First Wife last night. Prepare to be utterly horrified on my behalf.

First Wife: "U butt dialed me earlier. Lol. Sounded like you were talking to a baby."

This is the part where I panicked and frantically checked my phone. Sure enough, I had called her during V's birthday dinner, but the worst part was that the call had lasted for one minute. A whole minute. Do you know how much embarrassing and/or incriminating stuff I can say in one minute?!

Me: "Haha that's funny! But there was no baby. That's how I talk to V."

What? If you're going to be embarrassed you might as well do it right.

But after about 10 minutes of no response, I decided to put her out of the misery of wondering if I was serious and added, "Just kidding! I was holding my friend's 7 month old at dinner."

Still no response after that clarification. I guess not everyone appreciates my sense of humor.