Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mrs. H, Part II

I find this article very interesting because I've often wondered the same thing about First Wife. Why does she want to keep V's last name? Sure the kids have that name, but she has a third child with a different name. AND they were only married for 20 months before they separated. A whole 2 and a half years if you're talking in the legal sense.

So I don't get it. Why does she want to keep "our" last name?

Oh well. Guess I'll always be Mrs. H the Second. Or maybe the Third if you count my mother-in-law.

Originality is overrated.


  1. I hear you on this one. My husband's ex kept her last name until she remarried. It made me sick every time I saw a document with HIS last name attached to HER first name. They weren't married anymore, and she cheated on him (thus ending the marriage) so where did she come off keeping his last name? Now that she's remarried, her last name doesn't match the kids and mine's nice to be the only Mrs D.

  2. i stumbled to your blog by way of Rants from Mommyland. i too am I step-mom of two kids. As for the answer to why she keeps your husband's name, no clue. Though for my first marriage, while I had the papers to change it back after we divorced (there were no kids involved), I just never did, call it my being lazy or it would have been a total pain in the butt. I didn't actually change my name until I got married for the second time. It was still a pain, but for this hubby it was totally worth it.

    The biological mother of my step-kids (they never married) has a tendency to assume (not legally, mind you) the last name of whoever she's with, my husband included. Its so annoying to get mail for her at our home that we've shared for 5 years. Even now she hasn't legally married the guy she's with (and its not long enough of a relationship to qualify for common law), but she's taken his name and signs it all the time (can we say alias, perhaps fraud?)

    Some people are just weird or maybe she thinks its too much of a hassle, if my step-kids' mom is any indication I'm inclined to go with the former.