Friday, August 5, 2011

Pot Vs. Kettle

This morning, I walked downstairs to find Minnie all "ready" for school. And by ready, I mean wearing a spaghetti strap tank with an undershirt underneath.

The ONE thing not allowed in Middle School is spaghetti straps. And Minnie has never tried to wear them before, but now she is obsessed.

She even found a spaghetti strap tank that had one of the straps safety pinned together and thought that was acceptable attire.

So, this morning she argued that the undershirt underneath made it ok for school. This was one of those full tank undershirts that go almost to her neck. Picture this with a low-cut spaghetti strap cami over top. Lovely.

I told her she looked ridiculous and made her change. Two door slams, stomping and a silent car ride later, I delivered her to school. Properly dressed. Except for the fake pink hair streaks she bought with some birthday money. But that's a battle for another day.

Then I got home and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing my shirt from yesterday and pajama shorts. I also had not brushed my hair.

Hello, Kettle? This is the pot. You look ridiculous!


  1. Hahaha! I too suffer from that body image distortion that can immediately spot the ridiculous fashion choices of others while I sit in a boob stained t-shirt and fleece pajama bottoms.

  2. Ditto what ape2016 said.
    I look down and think I look fine, but if I pass a window or mirror, I see a stain or rip or something!
    Instead of skimpy tops we scuffle regularly over the fact I can see 4 inches of boxes above the top of his pants. I long for the days when preppy was in.........
    Hang in there, she will be driving you both crazy about something else very soon....