Thursday, August 11, 2011

Backpacks, Busses and Tears

So, it's that time of year to get all weepy over how big the kids are getting.

Kindergarten and Middle School?? How did this happen? No really. How? How can the days seem so long sometimes, but the years just fly by? Is this physics or something? I was too scared to take that class, so maybe I missed some important life lessons.

I look at Minnie and still see the toothless grin she had for almost 2 years, and I can still hear Quiz calling me "city" because Christie was too hard to pronounce.

I feel like I need to put their baby faces on milk cartons. Where did those kids go? What was I doing while they were growing up right in front of me? How did I miss it?

I imagine this feeling is even more difficult for parents who look at their kids and can remember very clearly holding them when they were first born.

Granted, I don't have those earliest memories, but I still understand.

Today, Quiz went to Unpack Your Backpack Night. We met his teacher, saw his classroom and took inventory of which friends are in his class. And we did it together. Me, my husband, First Wife, Minnie, Quiz, and the kids' 2 year old brother. For better or worse, this is our family and we travel in a pack when it comes to things like this.

So come Monday, the kids will get on two different busses and head to two different schools. And I will cry. And we will all begin the process of coordinating our schedules and calendars. A process that could probably confuse an actual rocket scientist.

But somehow, we'll figure it out.


  1. My daughter is going into grade 1 this year. You'd think I'd be all over this, since she had kindergarten last year and I survived it, but now she'll be gone all day. It feels more like actual school and less like day camp. I'm pretty sad about it.

  2. Google calendar is an amazing thing because you can share various calendars with people - you, hubby, first wife. It's been a life-saver for our soon-to-be blended family!!!

  3. I think I will switch to Google calendar. We were all on Outlook, but not anymore since I lost my job. (Have I mentioned how awesome that was?)

  4. I am so jealous that you can have a normal functioning relationship with first wife. I have to deal with the Queen of Selfishland which leaves no room for anyone else's happiness (including the children). Congrats to you and your functionality! I guess it's something to pray for and then expect pigs to fly.....


  5. Oh believe me, we don't always "function" but we try.