Friday, July 8, 2011

The Best Dad Ever

I am married to The Best Dad Ever. A lot of women claim this, but I have proof.

First of all, he is in LOVE with his kids. The sun and the moon revolve around them, and he doesn't know what to do with himself when they aren't around. He's always down on the floor playing legos with Quiz or working on the computer with Minnie or planning special dad/son or dad/daughter outings. In short, they are his life.

That said, he can be impatient and tends to say "no" impulsively, without even thinking. But hey, no one's perfect.

Ok, so none of this is special or qualifies him for the Best Dad Ever. But I'm not done.

He NEVER mentions this, mostly because I think he honestly forgets. But I tell everyone, only because it proves how awesome he really is. So, here's the number one reason he's the Best Dad Ever.

Minnie is not biologically his daughter. First Wife had her at 19 and was raising her with the help of her grandparents when she met V. He was almost instantly "daddy" and has been ever since Minnie was a year old. He's never formally adopted her, but she's used his last name since she was a baby.

When First Wife and V decided to divorce, his main concern was losing Minnie. Legally, he had no right to her. But thankfully, it worked out so that he has the same custody arrangement with Minnie as he does with Quiz.

Legally, we still have no claim to Minnie which complicates things. For instance, the middle school will not let her register with our last name, and is insisting she use the name on her birth certificate, so we are in the process of trying to get her name legally changed.

But all that aside, Minnie is ours. She lives with us 50% of the time, just like her brother. We buy her clothes and shoes and pay for all her after school activities. We go to every play and soccer game. Mostly, we just ignore the technicalities.

We are thankful to First Wife for allowing for this arrangement. Because legally, she didn't have to.

So there it is. Evidence. I am married to the Best Dad Ever.

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